WP Sweeper - WordPress Cleaning Script

Clean hacked sites with ease!

WP Sweeper has been built to automate the cleaning process of a hacked WordPress site as much as possible. It can replace your WordPress core files, your plugins and themes with new versions downloaded automatically from the WordPress.org repository.

Gone are the days of manually replacing or cleaning infected files. Just start WP Sweeper and choose what to replace via the menu.

Scan for malicious files.

Not sure if your website was compromised? Run a scan via the built in scanner for malicious and suspicious files.


WP Sweeper generates a report (date and time tagged) containing a listing of all actions performed and their results.


These features are currently in development and will be added later on:

  • An improved malware scanner
  • Supporting WordPress Multisite/Network installations
  • Support for non-default WordPress installations (such as the Bedrock boilerplate)
  • Headless functionality (for example: automated runs of WP Sweeper via cronjobs/scheduled tasks)


To be able to use WP Sweeper you'll need the following:
A linux server with the ability to run shell scripts.

Following tools/binaries need to be available for use on the server:
awk, cp, cut, egrep, find, grep, mv, uniq, unzip, wget, xargs


The pricing mentioned is excluding taxes. Depending on the local tax regulations in your location, the appropriate amount of taxes will be added upon purchase.


WP Sweeper product info:

WP Sweeper
Shell script (.sh)
PDF with instructions
Access to the product
With an active subscription
Will be added during the payment process. Price excludes VAT/TAXES
194 KB
€39.99 a year

WP Sweeper - WordPress Cleaning Script